TubeLister Chrome Extension to create YouTube playlist from open tabs


If you are one of those who spend a lot of time on YouTube, it is likely that you often have several browser tabs with videos from the platform. You will probably agree that sometimes it can be difficult to keep a record of everything we want to see, so we finally forget the main videos. Today we are talking about TubeLister, a tool to create a playlist of YouTube with all the tabs that we have open.

Specifically, TubeLister is an extension compatible with Chrome, Google’s browser. As we have seen, the use of the extension is quite simple. One of its advantages is its ability to detect which tabs are YouTube and which are not, which makes it possible to create playlists within the Google platform.

In addition to the above, TubeLister ignores any YouTube video that is already part of an existing playlist, which prevents us from having to watch videos that do not interest us. Finally, we take advantage of the fact that TubeLister is a totally open-source tool.

Without a doubt, this is an excellent extension for all those who spend a lot of time on YouTube. And best of all is that its use is totally free. If you have noticed, you can try it through the following link to the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Web Store.

You can watch TubeLister video trailer below to know more about this extension and how it works.


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