Tubemate App Review | 2018 | Is it good as it sounds?

If you were wondering which video app has made their rounds around then Tubemate app is the first one that has to come to mind.

It has been a good year for this app and has taken Android users like you and me by surprise. It’s easy to use navigation and mostly because this Tubemate app actually works.

So, I have reviewed and tested this app to make sure that you get the entire scoop and know about as far as Tubemate app is concerned.

Tubemate App Review

What is Tubemate App exactly?

If you are like me who likes to stalk up YouTube videos on their devices then you would need a good video download app.

And this is exactly how I stumbled upon this app. people kept telling me to check it out and finally, I did.

I downloaded this app have been using it for about three weeks now. And if you ask me, I don’t really want to use anything else anymore.

If you have been dabbling with video downloads long enough as I have then you know by now, how easily we like user friendly apps and software.

So, here are the reasons why I won’t be using any other video download app in a long time. Tubemate app sort of sealed the deal for me when it came to storing and downloading my favorite videos.

Super Easy Installation and Download – 

Before I decided to get in to the Tubemate app semantics, I tried other apps too. If I am still writing this, it means, I have found the easiest video download app available now.

Believe me when I say this, I almost sat with an IT book to figure out the download and installation processes for the rest of the apps.

But, by the time I hit Tubemate app, I realized I should have just started with this one first. It was easy and mostly it doesn’t need much time for you to invest in the installation process.

From clicking on the download link, to going through the installation process and downloading the videos on to my device, it hardly took six minutes.

That counts as a record, if you have been through a thousand apps trying to figure your way through the installation maze.

Tubemate will save on your storage-

I assume that like all us video geeks, you would not want an app that takes up half your device space. This is exactly what Tubemate app does not do. It is a easy and light app and does not hog up your device space. Nor does it slow your device down.

Now, you have all your favorite Infinity War trailers in one device.

Downloading your Videos with Tubemate-

So, here is the scoop! I have burned my hands on so many apps trying to download my favorite videos. Either it gives you a lot of processes to get through, or usually it slows your device down.

I recommend Tubemate app to all my peeps for one simple reason. Because, all you have to do download your videos is, navigate to the You Tube link of your video through Tubemate app. Find the tab that says download and click on it.

Tubemate will start the download and with a good internet connection it barely takes you five minutes to get your selected video on to your device. Pretty swell ain’t it?

Multiple Video Download is No Longer an Issue-

Most video download apps let you download only one video at a time. That’s horrible if you are a TV series freak. Specially, if you need those Game of Thrones episodes right now.

Tubemate app let’s you download multiple videos by queuing them up every time you navigate to their You Tube links and click on download. And no, Tubemate app does not make you wait for every one of them to download individually.

Tubemate starts all the downloads together. So, all you would need is to make sure you have a good internet speed and let this app do the rest for you.

Tubemate is actually Free- 

When I started downloading Tubemate, I honestly prepared myself to get bombarded with pop ups telling me to get my limited free trial.

But that did not happen. Tubemate app happens to be completely free of charge all through the way. That is a pretty good deal when it comes to video download apps.

My Tubemate app EndNote 

Let’s be honest here! Tubemate has had a wonderful year in the Android world. many people have engaged and decided to stick to this, because of it easy to use interface, hassle free downloads.

It is a perfect video download app for smartphone users who love to have their video juice flowing on the go. So, my review is imple as it gets. Don’t dis this app till you have tried it for yourself.

Because form my user experience, all this app needs is a good internet connection, and it does the rest of the work for you.

So, don’t miss out your latest episodes and have them wherever you go now with Tubemate app.


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