Tubemate Vs Vidmate Vs Snaptube : What sets them apart | HTG Comparison

Snaptube vs Tubemate vs Snaptube? Your better friend?

If you have been wondering which one of these videos downloading apps will give you the best that videos have to offer, then you have managed to tune in to the right place. There is a huge debate between which one is better, Vidmate or Tubemate or Snaptube.

So, I am going to be very easy about it, it doesn’t matter which one you use, what really matters to a video fan is how fast you can access your videos. So, in the end, if the app is bug-free and is performing well, essentially all they will do for you is, help you access and download your videos faster than any other apps.

Update on 1st November 2018

What tubemate can not do

  1. support download video from Instagram and Soundcloud
  2. can not run on iphone
  3. no background playing supported (important for music)
  4. no audio streaming (also important for music)

Snaptube vs Tubemate vs Vidmate – The greater force within!

Our team has decided that we should bring you this comparison in three folds. Firstly, you may want to first know how these apps work.

All three of these Snaptube, Tubemate, and Vidmate are video downloaders that allow you to access videos online like form youtube and download it right to your device. So, it is basic idea that the speed matters, the configuration matters and how bug-free the apps are, matters to your smooth experience.

Speed Test- It matters most

We tried downloading a 58MB file using a high-speed wifi. In all matters, Vidmate totally outdid the rest of the two. We could download this file with no issues at all.

While the other two apps did fair decent at it, yet Vidmate had beat both of them at being the first to be able to download the file. This points towards a very well optimized app that provides a very positive user experience.

Vidmate takes the bow in this section.

User Configuration

Now here is the section where Vidmate won again. Because of being such a speedy app, their backhand configuration lets the user navigate easily without any issues. Having many tabs and videos online do not slow down your apps.

Bug-Free is important

It is easy to know that if the above two were Vidmate’s zone, naturally this one is too.

because of the speedy test and user configuration, Vidmate is really the best out of the three in all these three categories.

My Snaptube vs Tubemate vs Vidmate Wrap up!

Yup! it is clear that Vidmate takes the bow for you as an avid video person. Apart from this, Tubemate update his version in every 1-2 month to make sure that the downloading speed should be high, there would be no any security issues and so on.

If downloading videos hassle-free is your cup of tea then Vidmate will enhance your user experience like never before. Even if the other apps are close enough to Vidmate, but my clear recommendation will still be for you use Vidmate.

In the comparison, Vidmate gets you exactly what you want! If you have used any of the above app and looking forward to share your experience, I welcome you to comment in below section. We are open to your suggestions 🙂


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