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TutuApp Helper For IOS 11 Without JailBreak | iPhone and iPad {Video Walkthrough}

In today’s technical era we all have smartphones and a large group of people is using iPhones for enjoying more advanced functions. There are tons of apps and software which are developed for our ease and entertainment. Most apps are available on app store for downloading but what will you do if you want to install that kind of app or software which is not available on app store. You will Jailbreak your iOS device. With jailbreak, you can enjoy extra functions and customization options. It seems really exciting to explore the unauthorized and hacked apps with jailbreaking.  But you can also do so with Tutu App helper.

Tutu app helper takes you in the safe side while enjoying the jailbreaking on your iPhone. With this app, you can install unofficial and restricted apps, not available on the app store, without jailbreaking your device. Now you would be thinking that how can you download Tutu helper for maximizing your phone’s functionality.

If you want to check out step by step guide on “How to download Tutuapp VIP on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak” then watch out video till the end:

How to Download Tutuapp VIP on iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak {Tutuapp VIP Free iOS}

It doesn’t matter whether you are running iOS 10 or iOS 11, this method will work for sure. I have tried it already.

I am here for guiding you and will tell the easiest process to be followed for installing the Tutu helper app.

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Steps to install the Tutu helper app for your iOS device

These simple steps will help you to download Tutu app so take a look below to be aware of them:

Step 1

Initially, you have to back up all the foremost files before starting the process because you have to take steps with a safe side.

Step 2

Second considerable point is that you should have the latest version of the Safari browser. If you have this browser then open up it and steer to the website

Step 3

You have to wait until the page properly loaded and then you will see the huge button and you will find Download Now written on it. Before pressing it you must consider that you are using regular mode not the VIP mode.

Step 4

After pressing the download button you will notice a pop up will visible on the screen proverbing would like to install tutu helper regular version. Finally hit the install button.

Step 5

After this process, the tutu helper app will install in your device and you will find the app symbol on the home screen of your phone. But don’t think that game is over now and don’t start the app straight away. You have to follow the further step.

Step 6

Now you need to go to the settings then device management and after it, distribution winner media co and finally choose to trust the developer.

Finally, tutu helper app is favorably installed in your iPhone and you are ready to launch it and enjoy the customization and additional features on your iOS device.

This tiny extension allows you to explore the era of unauthorized apps and content. You can download a large number of apps with it.

Ultimately, you are free to enjoy the premium apps without any cost but I am totally against it and will suggest you purchase the apps from app store.

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Well…above was the brief description of tutu helper app and its installation process. Still, have any question regarding this app then comment section is for you also share your experience if you have ever used this app.

If I have missed anything, please let us know and we will get back to you.

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