Twitch will allow us to change the username every two months

One of the most common complaints of users in Twitch platform(one of the most popular games streaming platforms) was the impossibility of changing the username once registered, forcing many users to continue using names with which they used while registering. Everything seems to indicate that the Twitch team has taken user feedback seriously, since from now on it will be possible to change it.

The streaming platform will allow us to change the user names every 60 days, so we can change it a total of six times a year. As for the process, it is simple. As you can see in the image that illustrates this article, just access the configuration panel of our profile, click on the edit button next to our current user name and modify it.

As for the previous user name, Twitch will keep it reserved for a maximum of six months after the change, so that other users can not use it. After this time, it will be available again for anyone who wants to use it. At this point it is important to highlight the need to export our statistics before changing user names, as they will no longer be available.

Undoubtedly, this is a feature that many members of the platform will appreciate, especially if we consider that is something that is also not allowed on platforms of PlayStation Network.

You can read the username changing policy on the official Twitch website via this link.


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