Twitch will launch its desktop app with many social features

Twitch desktop application

Twitch, the well-known service specializing in the broadcasting of video games over the Internet, has been launching a wave of social features over the last few months, bringing it closer to a thematic social network focused on the world of video –games. It has moved away from their original concept of specialized service in the dissemination of such items, or in other words, the service has been reinventing in recent months.

Starting next week, you’ll also have your own desktop application, “Twitch Desktop App”. Basically, the new application is in based in application Curse, which it acquired last year, renamed now to become an official application.

Twitch Desktop App will have the features it has been offering up to date in its Curse stage, such as the possibility of screen sharing, voice and video chat, among others. Also it will also include other new features with social approaches, such as possibility of sharing activities with contacts, private messaging function, or even also give access to the new online store that will be launched this coming spring.

It will therefore wait until March 16, the scheduled launch date, so that users can download the now official desktop application of Twitch and get an experience beyond the mere emission of video games. With a set of social characteristics Twitch will try to keep distances in front of the new rivals that has been leaving to them during the last times.

You can get know more through its official website, where it briefly lists its characteristics and emulates the scheduled date.


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