Twitter celebrates 2.5 billion tweets a year with the word “love”

Valentine’s day is approaching, and Twitter wants to celebrate the occasion by talking about the word Love, and its presence within the content network. Twitter celebrates 2.5 billion tweets a year with the word “love”

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In an article published on the official twitter blog, they have compiled love stories that began with Twitter, number of mentions, most used hashtags related to love, the most common romantic emoji … all a tribute to encourage users to use the #LoveHappens and stickers, as well as unlock a special one for the occasion. Here is the list of top 10 love emojis used in the year 2016.

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Twitter needs to communicate more (and better) with its user community, urgently need to increase the pace of new user growth and find a more profitable business model as it has once again presented disappointing results to shareholders.

From the very beginning Twitter has been a network with a very specific audience, it does not have the huge community like Facebook where users share details of their personal life, but it has journalists and great professionals sharing interesting content, which increases its value.

The future of Twitter is in danger, and now the time has come to approach the masses with campaigns like #lovehappens, although, surely, it is a bit late to catch the attention of those who have already typecast to Twitter as something “boring.”

So to make things interesting, Twitter has asked the users to celebrate the Valentine’s day with the hashtag #LoveHappens along to unlock special emojis.

Source: Twitter Blog


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