Twitter improves its security options for users

Twitter security features

There is no doubt that Twitter has been committed to making its social platform a safe place on the Internet. It does so from the firm commitment and humility, openly acknowledging that they have also been making mistakes along the way and will continue to learn from the errors and general feedback offered by users.

Now, Twitter has announced a number of additional measures that add to other launches not long ago, such as stopping accounts creations for abusive purposes, filtering abusive or low quality comments, among others.

In the first place they have indicated that they are working on the identification of user accounts that perform abusive behaviors based on a series of patterns. As they detect their algorithms, those found accounts could be found with certain limited functions. Twitter assures that it will only act in those accounts of which they have certainty that they comment abusive behaviors, not in all, leaving always some margin of possible errors that recognize the account in this aspect.

In addition, it also offers new filtering options in notifications in order to put in the hands of users greater control when establishing their respective experiences in the microblogging network. In this aspect they already allow the filtering by accounts based on whether they do not have profile image, email address or does not have confirmed phone number, among other aspects, as they point out.


They also extend the mute function that they released in November, allowing them to have more control over the time they have to delete certain content that they do not want to see in their timelines, whether they are concrete words, phrases or whole conversations of the notifications. This will keep the silence of such content, ranging from a single day to indefinitely.

Finally, the reporting tool is now more clearly and visibly informs of the actions taken on those reported accounts or tweets, both when it has been received and whether additional measures have been taken.

As we see, security has taken on a high importance in the order of priorities of Twitter, in which recent efforts have been redoubled in improving this aspect.


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