Twitter Presents Explore, The New Category Within Its App


Twitter may not be going through its best, but it is undeniable that it is one of the most important social networks of the moment. Its application, for example, has been downloaded 500 million times in Android.

Precisely, today its application returns to news with the incorporation of a new category: explore, which shares more than the name with the same category of Instagram.

As we read in its official blog, Twitter launches a new section in its application named Explore, inline with the same 3 features already present in the app: the Search, the Notifications and the Messages.

Twitter Explore Feature

Basically, it is a tab in which you can quickly see what is happening outside your wall which means you will see the most popular hashtags of the day and a constant search bar in one place.

This new category inevitably resembles Instagram’s existing “Explore” category, where we can also search, see the most popular live shows of the moment and a series of publications that we might like.

Leaving aside this similarity, this new function offers a more minimalist and simple air to the application, apart from putting together in one place the characteristics of the social network that have nothing to do with the people you follow.

As we read, this feature is gradually coming to iOS today, and quoting textually, “will arrive in the coming weeks Android.” As always, we will let you know when the news arrives along with more information.


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