Twitter Stopped and Again Resumed Notifying Users When Added to Lists

For a short period of time that lasted several hours, Twitter had stopped notifying users when another user added them to their list. The change was canceled after user complaints.

Twitter has announced, via it Twitter Safety account that it would no longer notify users when another user adds them. to a list of them. “We want you to get notifications that matter,” the company said in explaining the change.

In short, according to Twitter’s logic, warning the user when added to the list of another user is not important. The reason for this change is unknown, given the goal of wanting to reduce abuse on the platform.

Many users have complained about the change and reacted by responding directly to tweet that announced the change. After a few hours, Twitter decided to take a step back, restoring the type of notifications removed. The Twitter Safety was update with this message:

“We have received your feedback.”. “This was a misstep. We are rolling back the change and we will continue to listen to you.”.

According to dozens of comments of users who responded to the initial tweet, the problem is that the list notifications were crucial to identify abusers.

It ‘happened something quite unusual. Because first of all they removed this type of notification and then after receiving thousands of comments they changed their minds in a few hours. It was strange, but at the moment there are no other explanation than the fact that it was a “misstep”.

Twitter could solve the issue by giving the possibility to the users to decide whether they want to receive notification when they are included on the lists of other users. It would be enough to add an option in the account management settings.


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