Twitter unveils personalized profiles in direct messages for companies

Twitter has just launched the custom profiles feature in direct messages so that customers of those companies who want it can clearly differentiate when they are talking to a human agent and when they are talking to a chat-bot support. Twitter points out that companies will be able to better emphasize the human element in private conversations that their agents are maintaining with their clients.

In this way, customers may notice that they are talking to a real agent by seeing their real names and profile pictures within the private conversations they are holding, instead of seeing the name and logo of the company itself, obtaining with it a more personal feeling. The micro-blogging network is justified by the fact that personalized experiences through human connections could create significant benefits for companies.

The first company to start using the new personalized profiles feature in direct messages is the T-Mobiles operator, emphasizing that it has a long history in creating great experiences with customers through Twitter, being a pioneer in the use of real customer names and agent initials in customer service-related tweets.

Those other companies interested in using the personalized profiles in the direct messages would have to contact Twitter. In addition, the Direct Messages API is still in private beta and already has support for custom profiles.

In short, Twitter wants customers to differentiate a human agent from a bot in their private conversations, enabling their platform to serve as a channel for customer support for interested companies.

Source: Twitter Blog Twitter Blog


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