Twitter username no longer counts for 140 characters


Twitter triumphed as a social network for the idea of expressing any content in 140 characters, which made it an ideal medium to communicate any news or idea instantly.

Precisely, these 140 characters are the protagonists of the day, since Twitter has made a decision that it will not expand them. Such are the new conversations on Twitter.

As we read on its official website, from now on write the user name when answering a tweet (@username) will not count in the 140 characters of the tweet, so we will save characters.
This decision has basically been carried out for a reason: Now following a discussion is much easier, that is, instead of seeing a whole bunch of tweets with @usernames, we see an organized and clean row where we can continue much better conversation .

As we read, just touch the “Reply to” button to answer any tweet applying this novelty, but from now on, the tweet you respond will be at the top of our tweet.
Twitter comments that this feature is the result of days of testing and feedback of its users, who have come to the conclusion that discounting these characters of the tweet facilitates the understanding of the discussions.

This feature should be available on both the website and mobile application.


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