Twitter will have a 24 hour channel streaming news


The social network of micro blogging, Twitter, has seen an important reign in the live video. Now that Periscope works within the same Twitter application, more and more users start consuming this streaming on the platform, and already have their first plans to exploit this new form of consumption. Specifically, with a streaming news channel that will broadcast for 24h, seven days a week and it will be a production channel of its own.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Twitter will feature an exclusive 24-hour news channel, for which it has signed an agreement with Bloomberg. This channel will serve exclusive content 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And from Bloomberg they have commented that ‘the most important news will be given to the public around the world’. As for its deployment, Twitter intends to launch it in the fall. On other hand everything indicates that Twitter will try to take advantage of user broadcasts within the Periscope platform, when appropriate, to complete the information that serves the channel.

Live video is an opportunity for Twitter

Currently, according to the data offered by Twitter, it has been served with 800 hours of video content on its platform. These data correspond to the first quarter of 2017, and are an interesting contrast to the 600 hours that were reached during the last quarter of the year 2016. Before launching this new opportunity, Twitter has already tried similar options like the agreement with NFL for the broadcast of encounters of the last season. But with this new Twitter news channel, the company pretends to reach an audience that is not paying for television and are looking for another form of consumption.

In its most recent results, Twitter announced that the volume of revenue has decreased considerably, but also announced that the consumption of live video has grown within its platform. It is therefore, an interesting way but it points directly to increase advertising revenue. In fact, during the first quarter of this year, live video has been the largest source of advertising revenue for Twitter. It is a terrain where Facebook and YouTube have already entered with force.


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