‘Typoman’ to hit PS4 and Xbox One on Tuesday

Typoman is one of those independent releases that once saw the light on Wii U, but not on PS4 and Xbox One, platforms that have a much larger catalog of independent developments. It will be this week when that changes with the launch of ‘Typoman Revised’ on the consoles of Microsoft and Sony.

At the moment the confirmed launch dates are for North America, where the game will appear on February 21 on PS4 and February 25 on Xbox One. It appears the game is available to reserve, but in many territories there is still no trace yet. We do not know if because it will be launched later.

This particular platform is characterized by using the letters as tools to overcome their levels. The enemies and traps that await us, as well as platforms and objects are formed by words, manipulated by means of anagrams or look for ways to change their meaning in any way is what will allow us to advance through the creation and destruction of the environment.

The main difficulty for its launch in the non English-speaking market is that it requires the player to have a good repertoire of English words in head to be able to think at all times what kind of word he needs to create in order to progress. It is as simple in this game as it can be in any other.

Watch ‘Typoman Revised’ PS4 Launch Trailer:


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