Uber now allows you to store the most frequently visited places within the app

Uber app

Uber has added a new feature to its app, both iOS and Android, that will streamline the dynamics of users who use this service the most.

From now on, they will be able to store in the application those places that are more frequented by them, like the house of a relative, of a friend, the cinema, the airport, etc. That way, with a simple touch you will be able to access the address indicated, without so many complications.

The dynamics is very simple. Once we have saved an address, it will appear in the list of saved places. We just have to pick it and that’s it. You only need to configure the option once and we will have our small agenda of favorite places organized inside the Uber app.

As a curious fact, in the Uber blog comment section people have posted some of the results that have been given to the first tests with this function. Popular places include airports, schools and hotels, although places such as bars, shops, family homes, etc. have also appeared on the list.

At the moment, this feature is only available to US users but according to plans, it will be extended to other users by the end of the year. So we will have to wait for this function to reach our latitudes.

Uber is a transportation service application developed and marketed Uber Technologies Incorporated. Using this application people can call for an Uber car and set the destination they want to reach for an adequate amount of price. On the other hand for Uber drivers, they can use their own cars and also they can rent a car to drive with Uber.

This Uber application is available to be installed from iOS play store and Android application stores respectively.


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