Uber renews the navigation experience for drivers

Uber redesigns app for drivers

With the objective that the drivers of Uber receive all the instructions they need in precise form to carry out their work without losing sight of the way which they are driving, the company has redesigned the navigation experience in its app. To avoid all possible distractions that can divert the attention of the driver from the road like to alternate between applications of the mobile device itself, from Uber they just presented the new navigation experience.

The new experience, centered on maps, introduces a number of interesting improvements, but above all it arrives for the first time to its app available for Android devices, since to date was only available for iPhone.

The idea is for drivers to begin receiving instructions immediately at a touch of distance and focus on driving. Among the data that will be offered is the exact location in which it should be located to pick up passengers who have requested a trip or the place where they should park to complete food orders, says to the company.

In addition, it will also have useful information such as the state of traffic in real time, notice of complex maneuvers to perform, preview routes, among other information, with the addition of a new visual nightly theme that will avoid possible discomfort in the eyes of the drivers under certain lighting conditions.

From Uber they respect those drivers who prefer to continue using other navigation services although the ideal for them is that its renewed navigation solution serves as a first choice, improving their productivity and safety.


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