Uber to launch a new menu to easily access privacy settings

Uber new menu

While Uber’s mobile application has its own privacy settings; it is not as accessible as it should be. For this the company has announced that they will launch a new configuration menu in the coming weeks. A menu that will be directly integrated in the application instead of being in the configuration options of the phone.

The new menu will integrate all the options of configuration, of privacy, of unified form, along with a brief explanation of each one, to facilitate the understanding for the users. Additionally, this new menu also integrates the possibility of deleting the user accounts themselves. In this regard, the elimination of user accounts has always been a manual process that started from the communication of the interested parties, taking a long time to see how their accounts were removed.

Now it will begin to be an automated process, something quite logical due to the enormous growth that the company has been having. Of course, it will not be a process that will be dropped immediately, as the platform will wait 30 days in case the user withdraws and decide to continue. After 30 days of rigor, it will proceed to delete all your data from the platform.

Uber says that he has been working for more than a year now, to be able to offer this new configuration menu and to be able to grant the control of the privacy to the users in a simple and accessible way.

The link given below takes you to Uber’s newsroom where it has announced the launch of this new menu with easily accessible privacy settings. Along with the announcement there is also a brief explanation of changes made and how the new menu works.

Source: Uber Newsroom


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