Unveiled the features of OnePlus 5, which would carry a double camera

Oneplus 5

A new leak on Weibo has leaked some features of OnePlus 5. We are already getting to know about all the high-end mobiles for the first half of this year. The last one we found out about was Xiaomi Mi6, which was presented with a design quite similar to last year. However, now we get to know about the supposed characteristics of OnePlus 5.

OnePlus 3 was one of the best terminals of last year. It came with a design of quite quality, which competed with other brand’s more expensive mobiles. It had an enviable performance but its weak point was that its multimedia sections were not so good. It was logical given that it is a terminal of $ 440 (400 Euros) and the current high-end terminals exceed $ 765 (around 700 Euros). However now we can know what the renewal will be.

These would be the features of OnePlus 5

More than a month ago, we found the first real leak of OnePlus 5, in which we simply saw a wallpaper that is sure to be the new high end of the Chinese company. Until today we did not hear anything more of the OnePlus 5 in a forceful way. Since all we did hear were vague rumors and did not make much sense, but now, seeing how coherent it is and what little is missing for its presentation, it seems to be true.

Oneplus 5 features

In this image we can see the supposed specifications of OnePlus 5. It shows that it will have a double camera in vertical, something in which they are adding all the marks along the most recent one, Chinese too, was Xiaomi Mi6. It will carry 6 GB RAM with 128 GB, although it is not ruled out that in the future an 8 GB RAM version will be released.

The OnePlus 5 fingerprint sensor would be in a position quite similar to OnePlus 3, but we do not know if that means that the design will have no change whatsoever and it will remain in the frames, or the brand will have enough potential to get it inside the screen. It would be the first brand to do it, although it would be difficult to see that they get it given that they do not have as much strength as brands like Apple or Samsung.

As for the battery, we see that it will continue to have a large battery, betting on 3600 mAh, which would also mean that this year can finally be raised to a QHD resolution. Since, if you have the Snapdragon 835 mobile then you will have good energy consumption. The last thing we can know is that it is not confirmed to carry a 3.5mm jack.


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