Updated Version of WhatsApp for iOS Brings Three Interesting Features

whatsapp for iOS update

The new version of WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone has just arrived at the Apple’s app store. Among its main novelties we find the possibility to send messages offline, in addition to improving the space management used by the app and increase the number of photos / videos that users can send at the same time. Know all the characteristics of this application and download it below.

This WhatsApp for iOS was updated yesterday and with it the messaging system has received three new features that allow you to settle once again as the default app for the majority of users who want to communicate today.

The first novelty and perhaps the most important of all is that you can now send messages without an Internet connection. How is this possible? Well, it has a trick. Now when you do not have a Wi-Fi or data connection, WhatsApp will stop ignoring the Send button and will allow you to send the message. Obviously it will not be sent as such, it will be stored and when you come back to have a connection will be sent alone without you having to worry.

On the other hand, WhatsApp has redesigned the file management window. Now we can see in a more disaggregated way what kind of files we have stored in our account with each conversation and in each group. In addition to what each one occupies, we can eliminate them separately and according to what interests us.
What’s new in version 2.17.1 of WhatsApp

Among the main novelties of this update, 2.17.1, we can highlight the following:

  • Now you can press the send message button when you do not have an internet connection. Your messages will be on hold, and will be sent when your phone reconnects to the internet.
  • The screen of data usage and storage will allow you to manage the space on your phone much better. You can now delete some types of messages and videos from specific chats (Settings – Data usage and storage – Storage usage).
  • Now you can send up to 30 photos or videos at the same time.

Finally, WhatsApp has extended the file upload limit. If before we were limited to 10 hit pictures, now we can send up to 30 images. A limit that should disappear completely, but 30 is enough for now.

The app if it has not been updated will do so in a matter of hours or update manually by downloading the app again.
You can download WhatsApp for free from the App Store.


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