USB Killer 3.0 becomes even more powerful

The USB Killer 3.0 is now available for sale on it official website and is much more powerful than its early version.

A thunderstorm or a power failure may cause a malfunction in a smartphone or mobile device that is being recharged at that time.

Is your mobile phone or laptop ready to withstand an electric shock? USB Killer 3.0 lets you check it, if you dare.

The third version of USB Killer, the pendrive that electrocutes PCs, smartphones, cameras, or any other device to which you connect it has just been released. USB Killer 3.0 has capacitors that charge for a few seconds with the power it collects from the USB port, and then releases a 220 volt discharge over the connector, several times per second. If the port is not protected against downloads, it directly merges.

In this video we can see how USB Killer 3.0 fuses an iPhone 7, connecting it to lightning by means of an adapter. In the first attempt it is unusable, preventing the recharge of the mobile, and in the second it turns off the iPhone 7, which no longer starts again:

USB Killer 3.0 is 1.5 times more powerful than its predecessor, recharges twice as fast and is more stable. Apparently, its sale is legal because it is sold as a test device to test the protection against electric shocks at industrial level. However it is this third version also has an Anonymous Edition, where no logo is displayed, so it can be confused with a standard USB:

This version contradicts the purpose of the gadget. If it is sold to test equipment then why an anonymous version? It is easy to imagine what a delinquent or a joker can do with a product of this type in their hands.

USB Killer 3.0 is on sale on the web at a price of $49.95.


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