Use Twitter Lite as an Android app

twitter lite

Today, virtually any web platform, such as social networks, have their own official (and third-party) applications for different mobile operating systems. This allows users to use them in a more comfortable way without having to enter their website. However, some of these applications can consume a lot of data (such as Twitter or, above all, Facebook), which often makes users choose not to use them. To address this problem, Twitter officials launched Twitter Lite.

Twitter Lite is a reduced version of this social network developed to work better in especially slow networks (for example, 2G networks) and also load up to 30% faster content and save up to 70% of the data. However, although this new version was received with great expectation, it was not really what many expected. Its just a reduced web version of Twitter which you have to access through browser.

When we are using a smartphone, it is much more convenient to use a dedicated application to access a certain service than to do so from the browser. Although the new Twitter Lite can be very useful for those who do not need specific features and functions of the normal app, we cannot download this app from the Play Store.

However, with a little trick, it is possible to convert this simple WebApp into a normal application for Android and also make all its functions and available features (such as being able to access without Internet connection thanks to caching and notifications when interacting with our account).

How to convert Twitter Lite into a WebApp?

This simple trick is valid for any other web application for Android and not just for Twitter Lite.

Google Chrome for Android has a feature with which you can create shortcuts to a certain webpage using its URL. Using this feature user can create a shortcut for Twitter Lite (or any other webpage) and save its icon on their home screen as an Android app.

As we have seen, it is very simple to turn this web page into a simple WebApp and, although in the end we are still depending on Chrome, we can use this web page as an independently executed app.

In addition, this method is totally valid to convert any other application, such as the heavy Facebook, in a WebApp that runs on our phone as if it were a normal application. In addition to that it also allows us to enjoy all the features offered by web, such as your notifications in real time.


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