Use Whisply To Encrypt Important Files For Transfer Over The Internet


As we are proving in recent times, society is becoming more and more aware of the protection of its communications over the Internet. In this respect, those who want to transfer important files safely over the Internet have Whisply, an interesting web-based tool to consider.

Whisply is a free tool, created by the developers of Boxcryptor itself, which encrypts the files for transfer over the Internet through the services of Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

Users should only drag and drop the files they want to transfer into the web interface area or choose them using the traditional method, supporting up to five simultaneous files. Subsequently, they must choose one of the three cloud-based file hosting services where they wish to host the encrypted files, authorizing access to their respective user accounts.

Once encrypted and uploaded all selected files, Whisply itself will ask them the expiration time, ranging from never up to 1 month, to the possibility of allowing the download only once, all through the windows shared use options. Within the possibilities of security also it is possible to incorporate PIN or passwords for the files.

Considering about Whisply, this tool has to be accessed from modern web browsers, makes use of the AES-256 encryption system and that all the files stored in those services will be available through the folder under it Name: “Whisply”, available from the root of files in Google Drive and OneDrive, although in the case of Dropbox it will be placed inside the Apps folder.

In addition, although there is no limit on the files to upload, it is recommended from the platform itself to use files up to 10 MB.

In my opinion this is a good tool which can be used to encrypt your documents for transfer and thus keep your data secure.


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