Users of Xbox One and Scorpio can enjoy Windows Mixed Reality

Acer Windows Mixed Reality

Those who use Xbox One and Scorpio can enjoy Windows Mixed Reality. Those of Redmond want virtual reality to reach large number of people that is why they presented Windows Holographic a few months ago. With the help of several of its partners they want to put on sale a series of glasses mixed reality that will be at reach of most pockets.

We remember that during the Game Developers Conference Microsoft announced a change in the name, Windows Holographic happens to be called Windows Mixed Reality, certainly a rather more commercial name.

The first Windows Mixed Reality kit that will hit the developers will be from Acer. These glasses will have two LCD screens, each with a resolution of 1440 × 1440 and 90 Hz. For sound we have a 3.5 mm jack port. The PC is connected using an HDMI 2.0 cable, also it is necessary that our equipment has a USB 3.0 port.

On the price they have not said anything, although in its day Microsoft said that the most basic would have a starting price of 299 dollars. The Acer glasses are plug-and-play, so we will not have to configure a lot of things.

There is another good news, Windows Mixed Reality will arrive at Xbox One and Project Scorpio in 2018. About this there is little information, as they have only confirmed that both consoles will be able to enjoy this technology.

Now the content is very important, that is why they have opened the ID @ Xbox program to many more people. With ID @ Xbox the interested parties will be able to create content in order to take full advantage of all the Windows Mixed Reality glasses.

It is clear that Microsoft is committed to augmented and virtual reality. Nowadays virtual reality glasses for PC are usually expensive, we talk about the best known, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. With Windows Mixed Reality goggles many more people can enjoy a unique experience.

Source | Windows Blog


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