Valve Manages to Close Several ‘Team Fortress 2’ Betting Websites


Valve from sometime was looking into this matter and now it has closes several ‘Team Fortress 2’ betting websites and also advised players to avoid visiting such sites.

The economy that arises from the trade of some online games is certainly worrying. Some of the most quoted items in the title in question are put up for sale on auction websites and they get to pay immense amounts of real money for them. But the worst comes when outside sites are dedicated to profiteering at the expense of other games in these auction-based games, creating an organized gaming network that moves a lot of money sometimes in fraudulent ways. In Valve games this is very common, and the company stands firm when it comes to fighting these practices.

The ‘Counter Strike: Global Offensive’ wagering and trading sites rigged some of these practices for the benefit of individuals, thus tarnishing competitive gambling and the economy around it. Valve had to come to the fore to clarify that it was not his thing, but were independent websites. They took the matter seriously and already have closed several gambling websites and asked users not to use them.

The company behind Steam has been forced to close some of these websites as well as explained in the official website of ‘Team Fortress 2’.

“In July of last year, we highlighted our position on betting portals, specifically clarifying that Valve has nothing to do with them … Recently, some betting sites have started to take advantage of ‘Team’ objects Fortress 2. ‘We started the blocking of’ Team Fortress 2 ‘betting accounts as well, and we recommend that you do not use these websites. ”

This was the official statement made by Valve on Team Fortress 2 website and they have recommended players to avoid using such websites.


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