Verily, company under the umbrella of Alphabet, presents a new smart watch


Verily, a company formerly called Google Life Sciences but now its an independent company under the umbrella of Alphabet, today introduced a new smart watch specially designed for the health sector.

This is the Verily Study Watch, a device designed to passively capture the health data of its users and is capable of capturing high quality signals suitable for advanced observational studies.

It has physiological and environmental sensors capable of measuring cardiovascular variables, movement disorders and other areas. Examples include electrocardiograms, heart rate, electrodermal activities and inertial movements. It has a battery that lasts up to a week, and has large internal storage, as well as a data compression system that allows the device to store weeks of raw data, thus relaxing the need to frequently synchronize the device.

The firmware is designed to accept future extensions, such as updates, new algorithms and UI updates. The display is always on, to show the time, but the display is low power, so it does not consume much battery.

It is a research device that stores the health data and is encrypted in the device to guarantee its safety. The data is not shown to the user, so the objective is not to sell it to the market for the fitness sector but to offer it to the Health professionals who can deliver it to their patients. Encrypted data is uploaded and processed in the cloud using Verily’s algorithms and auto-learning tools, capable of analyzing large amounts of data in a short time.

Study Watch will be used in several observational studies conducted by Verily’s partners, including the Custom Parkinson’s Project, a multi-year study to identify patterns in the progression of Parkinson’s disease and provide a basis for more personalized treatments.


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