Viber Allows Us to Configure Photos and Videos to be Erased Once Viewed

One of the dreams of every messaging app user is to allow them to have absolute control over how their content is being viewed. We send the text, photo and video to a person, but we do not know what happens to that content later, we do not know if it will end up in a specific group, or if it will spread among thousands of people, we do not know anything.

What many companies are doing is allowing content to disappear shortly after being sent, and that’s what Viber is doing now: allowing the videos and photos to disappear after the recipient has seen them, without giving them time to store it on their mobile for later distribution.

This feature is called “secret messages,” and allows users to designate which photos or videos remain in the files of a conversation before they are sent. Viber already allowed users to delete a conversation from both their own phone and the recipients’ phones, but now we can configure the content before it is sent, knowing that it has the seconds counted.

We can, for example, send a photo and configure it to disappear after 1, 3, 7 or 10 seconds. After that time, the recipient will know that something was sent, but will not be able to see what. With the video something similar happens: it disappears after it has been seen only once.

Viber, which has 800 million registered users and 260 million active users and is one of the most innovative companies, along with telegram, leaving Whatsapp always in the queue, with the label “I am the last to implement innovations.”


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