Viber will allow conversations to have expiration dates

Viber Chats

There are already several services that have copied this Snapchat feature and now Viber, one of the most popular mobile messaging services today will extend its secret messaging function. It was launched at the end of last January to enable the disappearance of whole conversations within a pre-established time frame, whether for individual conversations or group conversations.

As they point out from VentureBeat, this is a complementary feature to the hidden chat function launched last year that made it possible for users to create a PIN to hide their conversations afterwards. This way, when the new function takes effect in the coming days, both Android and iOS, users now have another way to subtract visibility to their conversations, either by hiding them after a PIN or directly putting an expiration date.

But it is not the only novelty in this respect since the function of secret chats also takes into account those users who make screen captures of the conversations so that they are record of them. In this regard, they will allow users to block the making of screenshots, something that will work on Android only as it will not work with iOS because of problems with the limitations of the system, so that iOS users will only receive alerts.

In this way, Viber, which over time has stopped being a simple messaging network to cover new functions, where it has recently integrated the possibility of making purchases directly from the application itself, is introducing new features to attract users.

Well, it will not be easy for Viber as you all the tough competition in the messaging applications which has prevented Google messaging apps to gain more users.


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