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Video Star App Reviews By Kids & Parents

Video star is an amazing video editing app which helps us in making and editing our own videos. We do not need any knowledge of video editing and its effects. It has inbuilt functions of adding effects to your video. We can select and add music to your video.

It is pure fun to explore this app. It is easy using this app as we need to select the song of our choice and start shooting video. Even it has features to share and upload our videos directly to YouTube. We can make Instagram videos as well, it has an inbuilt function for that.

We can make our vlogs as well as videos with live audio. It has a VideoFX live feature which is used for recording live audio and video. Video star app is designed and developed by Frontier Design Group. It is available to download on play store as well as iTunes.

Let’s discuss a few points considering pros and cons of Video Star app: –

Easy to use: – This app has features of inbuilt video effects and many other options for video editing. This can be operated by a layman. No hard and fast knowledge required to operate this app. We can even upload our videos or vlogs directly to different platforms like YouTube,, etc.

Video star app is boon for those newbies who want to make videos but have no knowledge of editing them.

Parental Control: – video star is meant to be used by adults only. Children above 13 years old can use it with parental control and supervision. This could be vulnerable to them as they unknowingly get exposure to strangers by making and sharing their videos with strangers. Strangers can easily follow our kids and contact them. This can create a dangerous situation.

Adult content: – as there is no control in the app for sharing adult content. Kids may get chance to watch such content. It should be managed and controlled by parents only if they allow their older kids (13+ only) to use video star app for fun. Parents must keep an eye on the content they are watching as well as they are sharing.

Horror or fear themes: – there are horror themes and some people share horror content over video star app. Such content can make the kids scare. They can even unknowingly reach to such content.

Violent content: – some people may share violent content. Such content may attract kids but it can make a bad impact on their brain which can result in violent behavior at home or school. We must have control over kid’s activities over video star app.

Customer reviews

Jacob Frèeman November 11, 2017
At first, I thought it was sketchy, you know, having to download another app for this one to work. But after I downloaded their BuzzFeed app, videostar star actually worked. Its legit guys, you just have to download that BuzzFeed app and then it will work. You just need to wait like maybe 10 seconds for the app to process the transaction. But overall, it’s legit and a does work for android
NikitaShah April 17, 2017

Video star is truly amazing. The different types of options of videos are available. It gives you the feeling of being in TV or like the songs on MTV! I tried all the different video options/designs and till now I have made 20 videos in just a week. So, if you want to make a fun loving, interesting, new type of video, download video star from the App Store. It is free for all! So go ahead and make your wonderful videos!


The video star app can be boon to some people and curse to others. But we must understand that every light has a darker side. If we use this app wisely and control the activities of our kids then this could be the best video making and editing app. I personally recommend this app to my fellows and friends but make sure to keep out of reach of kids under 13 years and control the usage of kids age between 13 to 18 years.

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