Vidmate APK latest version: Issues, Errors in downloading Videos

Every video lover who used to download videos and watch them on their devices is familiar from the Vidmate. This is one of the most popular video downloading apps. the Vidmate available the best quality video downloading at a very fast speed. Still there are some issue and errors users facing while downloading videos on Vidmate. here we come with the solution to all your Vidmate issue, problems, doubts and errors.

Issues, Errors in downloading Videos via Vidmate APK latest version

If you are facing problem in installing vidmate on your any of the device like smartphone, iPhone, PC, Laptop, Window phone so here are the solution of your issues. Here we answered the question asked by Vidmate users. Hope it will help you to clear your doubts.

Vidmate APK latest version: Faq, Doubts, issues, problems

Q: How to Download Vidmate videos?
A: After downloading the Vidmate you will get the homepage of the app. On the homepage, you will see so many popular video sites which are listed on the app. You can choose any site or a video to download. On every video, you will see a red round button at the lower right corner of the page. Click it to download and watch your favourite video.

Q:How to erase downloaded videos on Vidmate?
A: Just you need to enter the video downloaded list on the vidmate homepage, the list will arise, now click on the Edit button at the upper right corner of the page. Now choose the videos you want to delete, Click on the trash button at the bottom of the page, the video will be deleted.

Q: How to find a particular video on Vidmate?
A: There is a search bar in the menu of Vidmate, enter your favourite video name in search option and you will get your video. You can also do Youtube search and Google search.

Q: How to browse other video sites in Vidmate?
A: You can see a search box at the top on the Vidmate homepage, Just enter the URL of the video site you are looking for and you will get your desired video site.

Q: How and where to find downloading videos and downloaded videos?
A: In the menu of Vidmate, you can find “Download List”. Click and enter it. all the list will appear on the page. You can also get the “Download List” via the button bar of the homepage of Vidmate.

Q: How to check my browsing history?
A: You can check it easily, tap on the blank search box and Vidmate will switch to the history page.

Q: How to find information about Vidmate?
A: If you want to check information about Vidmate just follow the official Facebook page

Q: How and where to contact Vidmate?
A: To provide your feedback about Vidmate, contact at : [email protected]

Q: How to download older version of Vidmate
A: You have to uninstall/remove new version of vidmate on your device first, then you can install an older version.

So these are the main faq, issues and questions users want to know about the vidmate video downloading apps. We have answered of these faqs properly. If you have any query, about Vidmate video downloader, Vidmate Problems  Vidmate Install error please contact us freely.

Don’t hesitate to ask your problems regarding the Vidmate app working issue. If you love this update about vidmate please share through comments.


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