Vidmate Errors | Link Expired | Network Error | Problem – Solution

Vidmate is one of the most popular online media streaming applications these days. You can play audios, videos, and use its vast movie browser to search the internet for your favourite movies, or new trending trailers, web series, TV series, vines, and more directly on your phone/tab/pc. One of the best things of this app is that it is available in the 9apps play store, so you can Download it easily. Once you get registered on this app, you can browse the internet on it and search for any of your favourite multimedia sites and avail this limitless experience.

Vidmate App Review

VidMate allows viewing, searching and also downloading to your Android phone from video sites such as Facebook and Youtube.  I had the best experience of HD video download that allows downloading or viewing the hottest sites namely, Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo, Vine, Faebook, Yodesi, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Break and many more international sites.  There is lot of fun as I can watch hottest and latest movies as all genres of movies are covered, right from Bollywood to Hollywood and many more languages. Infact, the download sources are also in different formats.

Music lovers, like me, are sure to get highly pleased as Vidmate offers more than 300,000 quality songs for easy download. You need not worry if you miss your TV shows, as you may download TV shows from Star Plus, Sony TV, Channel V, Zee TV, Sahara One, SAB TV, Colors V, Star World, and so on. The best part is the advanced download technology that allows multiple download and amazing download stability. I am happy to get all live TV channels such as Music, Entertainment, Fashion, Movie, Sport, News and other channels.

If you want to download Vidmate app on pc, then here are 2-methods along with the
guide by guide step to download vidmate app for pc.

Generally, the apps work smoothly, but there may be some reason for experiencing unfortunately Vidmate Errors. This may not be a crucial problem, but the fact cannot be denied that even I get confused as it gets stopped. The reasons may be many such as:

Vidmate Error Problem

  • Unstable internet connection with Wi-Fi or cellular.
  • Corrupted cache files that have not been emptied for a long time.

Here are some Vidmate Errors resolved such as:

Vidmate Error 1) Vidmate is not showing “Download File” Option: 

In the Vidmate menu, there is ‘Download List’. You may click and just enter it or you may find ‘Download List’ through the Vidmate homepage button bar. You will notice a download icon, you just have to click that and enter.

How to show “Download file” Option in Vidmate?

In the Vidmate Homepage, you will find listed are popular video sites. Enter a site, select a video to download. A red button in round shape appears at the page lower right corner. Just Click it and get it downloaded. Then play your videos.

Vidmate Error 2) Vidmate Link Expired Problem. 

As the application impedes working, two things users face:

  • First, Vidmate shows Expired link, the link is not moving, it is frozen and doing nothing.
  • Second, you no longer have access and so getting rid of it means you must know how to resolve.

How to restart or resume “Expired Link” in Vidmate?

Here is the solution as listed:

  • Restart your Android Device: Vidmate works on Android is known to everyone. But, when the link is not working, the only first option is to restart the handset by pressing Home Button for a long time. On doing so many options may pop-up, so it is best to ‘Restart your device’. Many times this works and you get your link resumed.
  • Update the App: Vidmate link error may be due to the bugs in your app. This is usually taken care as there are new updates rolling by the developers. The updates happen automatically by default, but in case the bug hinders Vidmate itself from updating, it is a big reason that cannot be ignored. This is because it stops the working of Vidmate. Thus, there is a need to manually update the application. The steps are:
  • Open Vidmate, the left-hand bottom corner of the app is ‘Me’, a button.
  • Tap the button and the page will open.
  • Scroll the page down and you will find ‘Update’ as the second-last option.
  • A Pop-up opens asking if you wish to update or the application is updated.

3. Vidmate Network Error

Receiving the notification of Vidmate network error for me is really annoying. Especially, when working stops and the network error messages appear. Network error means your app is misbehaving and now you have to identify the app causing trouble.

Determining exactly the app causing network error means you must basically install “AutoNotification’ a plug-in for Tasker. This intercepts the toasts and the owner app is displayed. Actually, this is a simple process, but of course the process of setup is a bit technical and so do it carefully.

How to solve Vidmate network error?

Steps to AutoNotification

  • Download Tasker and AutoNotification apps and install it in your Android device.
  • Go to phone’s Settings >Accessibility > enable or permit AutoNotification.
  • Launch Tasker; click the “Profiles” tab.
  • Finally create a new profile, include “AutoNotification -Toast Intercept”.
  • Click the “Tasks” tab, enter the just created profile and hit on “Add New Task”. Name it as “Toast Identify”, and click on the checkmark button so that the new task is saved.
  • Go to task, and click on “Add Task Action”. It will display a pop-up, and set the text to working.


Vidmate is a free app allowing download for Windows and Android devices. Although new, it has over 50,000 users, including me of course. It is an amazing search engine. Enjoy downloading with Vidmate multiple videos and make your search precise.



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