Vimeo already allows 360-degree videos

Vimeo 360

It comes a little late, yes, but Vimeo finally enters the world of 360 degrees by opening its doors to this type of video within its platform.

The playback of videos in 360 degrees within vimeo is simple, we just have to drag the mouse inside the video, in the web version, to see the different angles captured by the creator with option to do the same from the mobile device That also allows to see the different scenes moving it from one side to another.

Compatible with Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR and Zeiss VR One, it promise to have a version that can also be used from Oculus Rift and HTC Live soon, although they have not specified dates.

As we move through the scene of the video, we can see a small compass in the right area that indicates the angle we are in. Just click on it to return to the starting position, where the main action usually occurs in the uploaded video.

For creators, it offers the option to precisely define the width of the field of view you want to see when the video starts, as well as adjust the position in a 360-degree space, so that viewers see what they want when they start the same. These videos can also be included in the vimeo market from where users can pay to view them, both with purchase options, rental and subscription.

Vimeo will also offer a 360 degree video school to help creators use the new format, so it’s best to be vigilant, as Vimeo are now betting heavily on 360-degree video. Here you have the dedicated channel:


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