Vine Says Goodbye With a Page Where You Can See All The Clips Published From 2013 to 2017

vine archive page

This week, specifically on Tuesday 17, Vine closed the doors to its social network of micro-videos to turn it into Vine Camera just as it had already announced. With this new application you can continue to record videos of six seconds using the same editing tools, but you will no longer have a specific online platform to upload your creations.

Even so, it seems that Twitter refuses to make disappear the results of years of creativity. That’s why they decided to reuse domain to create a achieve directory to store all the videos that have been created and stored on his servers during these years.

“Today, we have made an update of the website,” explained in Vine’s blog Medium. “The Vine Archive is a time capsule with all posts uploaded to between 2013 and 2017. Go to a classic meme, have some laughs or look for a profile.”

What’s on the new website?

vine archive page

The first thing you’ll see when you enter the web is a little text that explains what you can find, and you link to the best videos of comedians, musicians, videos and sports fandom. It also notifies you that you have a profile finder to find the legacy of your favorite vine.

Below this text you will see some pictures to choose the content of the last years, from 2013 to 2016, as well as specific icons to access the contents of animals, arts, comedy, editions, music, sports and the strangest ones that have been created . Just below these indicators there are two other sections, another for a selection of videos made by Vine itself and a second with playlists by theme.

With this penultimate act, the closure of Vine, a web that in its day managed to become the mecca of digital neo-humor, has ended, materializing many good times. Despite this change, the new Vine page still allows you to download your creations in case you want to take them to another site. What you have to do to download your vines we told you already a few weeks ago.


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