‘Watch Dogs 2’ receives its second DLC in PS4

Ubisoft has distributed the official trailer for ‘Human Conditions’, the second downloadable content for ‘Watch Dogs 2’, which will arrive today, February 21, on PS4. PC and Xbox One players will have to wait until next March 23 to enjoy it. You can see this trailer at the end of this news.

‘Human Conditions’ will provide us with more than five hours of new content, including three new operations, each with its own missions; Cooperative challenges, as well as a new enemy that DedSec will have to face: The Inhibitor.

The three operations of ‘Human Conditions’ are called “Automaton”, “Mala Praxis” and “Caustic Progress”, which will deepen the risk involved in hacking biotechnology, biometric data traffic or programs capable of infecting the computers of hospitals. This second DLC also promises to take us to new areas never before seen in the city of San Francisco.

These three new operations will lead us to become entangled with the new intelligent car of Nudle, the Cyrux, as well as investigate the trail of a dangerous ramsonware that has spread through the hospitals of the city; Or even fight against a new and mysterious company called RenSense, which is experimenting with a dangerous nanotechnology with Bay Area homeless people.

‘Human Conditions’ is included within the Watch Dogs 2 season pass, which also gives us access to its first DLC,’ T-Bone Content Lot ‘, as well as the coming soon under the name of’ Without concessions’. All this and other packs for the price of 39.99 euros.
Human Conditions, which hits Xbox One and PC on March 23, also confronts us with a new type of enemy, the Inhibitor, a lethal opponent who uses an anti-hijacking device capable of nullifying any hacking action around him.


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