Watch out for this malware if you use Google Chrome on your tablet or laptop

google chrome tablet

With the emergence of tablets and smartphones, new harmful elements have appeared that are embedded in all kinds of apps and make use of these tools and games. However, traditional methods of attack through web pages or even browsers continue to occupy a significant part on the total number of threats that frequently break out.

In the last hours, the specialists from the company of cyber security ESET have reported a new object that could already be causing problems in some devices in some Latin American countries and also in Spain. More about this malware that still can be detected and removed without causing further damage is given below.

What is it?

The item in question is a Trojan that uses Google Chrome to install on computers or tablets it attacks. Once infected it sends data hosted in the browser of Mountain View such as the history. It also sends bulk of content and automatically downloads other unwanted content without user authorization.

How does it work?

The process is very simple, this harmful element is introduced as an extension for the browser when going through several pages of movies and online series playback. This extension then in theory is necessary to continue visualizing these online clips. Then a choice appears that deems it necessary to download this fraudulent add-on. The margin of maneuver for those affected is greatly limited, as to continue enjoying the works it is necessary to give the icon that in turn limits this malware.

Where have there been more indulgences?

As we said at the beginning, Spain and Latin America seem to be the main objectives of this element. At ESET, Peru, Chile and Ecuador have been reported as the highest number of infected terminals. However, as with other objects we’ve talked about before, the way to prevent it is simple as well. First, a good filter is needed to make the Internet experience safe. Second, an antivirus is required. Then finally it’s really necessary to some common sense when surfing internet. If we decide to browse movies and series online, first make sure that the websites visited are totally legal and comply with the rules of copyright and intellectual property.

Do you think it is possible to find malware much more harmful than this? Do you think that, despite the progress made in terms of security, there will always be harmful elements? If you have more related information available about others that has happened recently then share it so that everyone can know more.


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