We can now play ‘For Honor’ on all platforms

The open beta of ‘For Honor’ has been a success, causing three million players to go through it to test the game. This success is beneficial for the company and for the players, as it helps Ubisoft to locate large number of bugs and correct them before its official launch, as well as getting the undecided players have the opportunity to see if the game is to their liking and possibly get some sales down the road.

February 14th is a really hot date for many, so the release of this title can make it a bit more special for some. Next, we will detail the hours that this game has opened its doors in its different versions and platforms:

In the physical versions of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the game has been available since the opening of the servers on the 13th at 21:00 p.m. For those who acquired this game digitally, the game was unlocked at midnight.

As for the PC version, the physical version requires the use of the Ubisoft platform, Uplay, which has opened access to players at midnight. Those who have decided to opt for the version of Steam, you have to wait a couple of hours until 6 am to play.


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