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What’s So Trendy About Monument Valley That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Monument valley

Whenever a developer came up with a game that is unique or offbeat from regular trends of the gaming industry. More or less it gets a critical acclaimed by the industry and tries to give it a newer shape to it. Do, you remember Flappy Bird which is a great game and quite simple to play but it so much criticized that developer has to take off from stores as they weren’t able to handle it and can’t take more of it.


The same scenario goes in the case of Monument Valley. which is a five star rated game on Google App Store that too from 2 Million reviews and 10 Million downloads till the date and comes from the house of ustwo games. The game is basically a puzzle but it incorporates so many good elements on each level of the game. That you might wonder why is charging just $3.99 for the game it deserves much more than that. The game is just amazing and I never find a puzzle game like this and it probably the best puzzle game available for mobile. Yes, I am not exaggerating it is true You should try this game to find it.

Monument valley
Monument valley

Layout of Monument Valley

The concept of game is visible from very first scene of the game. There is no tutorial or instructions to play. You directly get thrown into the gaming universe and after a few minutes, you get familiar with controls. As you tap anywhere lda starts moving here and there apart from this. The game contains several elements to interact with but here I am not going to provide any info of those elements as it will spoil all the fun.

After going over with the introduction stage actually called stage 1 in the game you are able to play the game yourself. As the controls were clear to you the real fun starts.


First of all, you have to make a choice for your stage selection. Here you will see a spinning wheel display where ten stages are given. Although the game contains ten stages only it is the most beautiful display I have seen ever in any game. Selecting a level is just like choosing from the different shape of chocolates despite the fact all are chocolate. As each level has same concept and the art direction of every stage is beautifully done.

They are different from each other and unique as everyone has its ability to set the mood. From dark, strange and frightening environments to joyful, yellow tinted backgrounds, there is nothing that feels the same in any of the level. The levels are named as monuments and all of them plays their essential part in the story of game. Yes, this game actually holds a story which is not seen in mobile games even rarely in console games.

Which is a great thing about this game but a sad thing about the current trend of mobile gaming as they don’t feature any story. Do not over expect on story point as the character of game are speechless and doesn’t show any expression even interaction between is seen rarely. But still following a story is good and not just keep moving aimlessly as without any explanation. While playing the characters of game help you to understand what is going on and what you need to do.

In major part of monument valley you have to crack down mystery codes but be aware of every small thing happening around as it will guide you to solve the puzzle in an admirable way. Mission is to reach the goal situated on top of every monument when you complete the goal lda places an geometric object on top which is a sign of completion. This is not like any other game where you have to earn coins, token, gem or any similar thing. To buy any in-game stuff you don’t have to earn any in-game currency which is unique and provides a great experience as there is lack of pay to win strategies.  

Graphics and Sound

The graphics of the monument valley is best thing although they are not sleek, flashy or cutting edge the way these are done makes the game interesting and unique. As I mentioned earlier every level is different has its character to depict the story of the game. The movement of animated structures are clearly demonstrated by fluid flow mechanism. The thing to note here is developer pay keen interest in development and take care of every thinnest detail. This game is proof that you don’t need any high-end games like Need for Speed or Fortnight to enjoy.

As simple graphics displayed with great sense will also work and makes it a stress buster. The monument valley looks great on mobile screen doesn’t demand a rendering time which is must as seen in above-mentioned games. Talking about sound it perfectly matches the situation set by graphics which soothes your gaming experience as no loud or disruptive tone is used in the game.  


This is the game which holds the power completely change industry trends. Just like Contra, GTA 6, Clash of Clans these are a massive hit on consoles but on the other hand games like Candy Crush Saga, Pokemon Go, Temple Run changed the industry trends. The monument valley is going to appear in the list as the game is relaxing, attention-grabbing and satisfying puzzle solutions. So, download the game to experience the joy, Do not forget to share your valuable suggestions, feedbacks and things you want us to add in our upcoming blogs all this in comment box below.                          


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