WhatsApp albums, the next big thing in the app

whatsapp for iOS update

After the new update of the iOS application and the new beta of WhatsApp for Android, now we know what would be the next big news of the service. After the controversy raised by the possibility of sharing location in real time, we refer to WhatsApp albums.

The track is given again by the WABetaInfo medium, who through its Twitter profile discovers the next great novelty of the messaging application in the form of WhatsApp albums. The feature is available, although not enabled in 2.17.20 version for iOS published today and that includes interesting features like the possibility that SIRI read our messages and the changes in the interface of the app.

This way we know that in upcoming WhatsApp updates for iOS (and we assume for Android) we will find the changes when sending images to our contacts. WhatsApp albums would allow you to group multiple files together in one place so accessing them is easier and less chaotic.

WhatsApp’s albums

A few weeks ago the people responsible for the instant messaging application increased the limit of 10 photos to be sent at once, it is now intended that all images are grouped into a single album so that the user can consult them all from more comfortable ‘Just look’.

To activate these WhatsApp albums you will not have to enable any specific option within the application settings, since the moment you send 5 or more photos the album will be created automatically by grouping all the images you want to send in a single ‘Just Look’ option, than the receiver simply clicks on the album to check all its content.

At the moment this flashy option is not activated in the latest version of the application released today in the app store, but it is expected that this feature, which is now disabled by default, will be enabled in the next updates, from WhatsApp. Something similar has happened with the possibility of synchronizing Siri with WhatsApp, which has been hidden in the application since version 2.17.1 and is now, in version 2.17.20 it is available to all iPhone users.


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