WhatsApp is about to launch its business app


WhatsApp accidentally already worked to do business between companies and clients, despite not being created for it. The founders of the application reported that they will launch a new app just for the trade.

So far it is known to be called “WhatsApp for business” and will be an application entirely dedicated to small and medium enterprises, according to Bian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp.

It is hoped that not only are negotiations related to sales of products, but also connections with all types of professionals such as doctors, for example. Information on this application was disseminated thanks to a leak from the Hindustan Times newspaper.

The aim of WhatsApp is to give a new application to the world for companies with a limited number of employees and a large number of customers to connect. So a new communication strategy will be necessary and it will be a completely different platform than the one already known.

WhastApp has more than 200 million users in India, so it will launch this app there as a trial. It would not be the first technological company to use this country as a test bed; For example, already happened with Microsoft’s Skype Lite.
After the release and getting feedback from users, Whatsapp will do some updates and launch the Whatsapp for Business app all over the world.


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