The main cause why Showbox shut down

Shwobox APK 2018: All you need to know

Showbox  is one of the most recommended movie and tv shows streaming app which allow you to download movies free. The best thing about showbox is, it’s totally free to install and use. If you are hard core tv show lover and don’t want to miss any update of the tv show than it is best for you, the Showbox apk notifies you when a new episode comes up. So when the new episode comes watch it as soon as possible.

The showbox works like torrent site, You can download movies and watch them later. If you have a slow internet connection and don’t want it to stop every 10 seconds while watching any movie than go for showbox movie streaming app latest version. If you do have a good connection, then you can use the streaming feature at 360, 480 or 720p.

The main cause why Showbox shut down
Why Showbox apk stopped working or shut down

The best features of Showbox APK 2018

  • Showbox is the warehouse which stores the huge variety of movies and you can watch each and every kind of movie on it.
  • Another option on Showbox is TV Shows and when you hit it then you a list of TV shows occur for you.
  • You can save all your favorite movies and TV shows on one place then you can add them on favorites.
  • It will inform you about all the updates of your shows like release date, time change etc.
  • With Showbox, you can watch movies and TV shows on multiple devices like an android device, Laptop, Tablet, PC, and MAC.
  • You can even stream the contents to your smart tv or Chromecast if you use an app like AllCast or LocalCast.
  • Show Box support simplified and intuitive menus and buttons to watch a movie or show without wasting time.

List of Showbox APK download updates 2018

Showbox apk 5.24 Latest version 

Showbox apk 5.23 download

Download ShowBox APK 5.22 

Download showbox apk 5.21

Showbox APK 5.11 latest version 

Download Showbox apk 4.95 

Why Showbox apk stopped working or shut down

The Showbox apk wen down on 29th November 2018 ans still people are confused showbox will come back or not. As per the reports available on Google the site got banned due to some legal issues. The showbox was posting the content on the app from an illegal way. The content publishers claimed that showbox is illegal because it’s posting copyrighted content without taking permission of movie studios and other content owners. The app is proving the app free to the users.

Apart from the showbox, the users will use the app can be sued by court, all the information of the app users are in eyes of data trackers.

Warnings about ShowBox

  • Users may be sued if they are found to have downloaded and viewed copyrighted content via the app.
  • If you think the Movie studios and other content providers do not aware about the usage of app than you are wrong, the app gets all the data and information like users’ IP address and complete viewing history.
  • So if you are trying to reach the copyrighted content free of cost by suing showbox or other similar apk app than there will always be a chance of a lawsuit.



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