William Adams of ‘Nioh’ joins ‘Musou Stars’

Under the framework of ‘Musou Stars’, Koei Tecmo wants to make the title of the greatest musou genre to date by using numerous characters from all their games. In his squad we find from well-known characters of ‘Dynasty Warriors’, ‘Samurai Shodown’ and ‘Ninja Gaiden’, to the protagonist of ‘Opoona’ or a girl protagonist of pachinko games.

Earlier this month, Nioh, an action title based on the experiences of William Adams, the first Japanese samurai arrived on the international market seasoned with culture and Japanese mythology as Koei Tecmo’s response to the titles of the series ‘Dark Souls’.

William Adams character in one of the company’s most recent and ambitious successes, it was almost certain to be included in ‘Musou Stars’, which has been confirmed a few minutes ago.

With William Adams in the repertoire of characters from ‘Musou Stars’, there are already a total of twenty-nine characters that we can control in what promises to be the greatest muse to date.

The game will be released in Japan on March 30, and although there is no date yet in the West, but Koei Tecmo usually brings his musou genre titles to the West, so we can expect confirmation on our lands in the near future.


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