Windows 10 Cloud Could Be The Next Windows RT, But With More Versatility Due to ARM

Three days ago, news about a new version of Windows 10 which would be available in the cloud began to come out. All this is surprising since what seemed a rumor has probably become a reality, due to the build 15019.

But now there are new rumors from different sources, which point to Windows 10 Cloud becoming the new version of Windows 10 that could run universal applications. According to the report by Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, this would be the response from Microsoft to the increasingly popular ChromeBooks in US schools.

According to a report:

“Windows 10 Cloud is a simplified version of Windows 10 that will be able to run the Universal Application Platform (UWP) from the Windows store. Think of it as something similar to the version of Windows 10 RT rumored a few months ago or Windows 8.1 with Bing SKU.

Windows 10 Cloud is intended to help Microsoft in its campaign to try to thwart Chromebooks with a secure, cheaper and simpler version of Windows 10, although it is unlikely that Microsoft will introduce the technology with these words.”

Meanwhile Microsoft has not come out to clarify this, but seeing the evidence of the version in a preparation build for Creators Update suggests that there is a chance that Windows 10 in the cloud will see the light in April .

What is Windows RT?

Windows RT is roughly the tablet version of Windows 8, i.e. an operating system designed taking into account that it will be used from a touch screen and looking to be able to be used on thin and light hardware.

Does Windows RT leave you without some Windows function?

You can surf the Internet; Open and edit documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote; Install apps from the Windows Store; Watch videos and listen to music, the main activities that are done from a tablet.

Do not forget that Redmond announced last month Windows 10 in ARM, another SKU that will allow manufacturers to design affordable PCs that can run Win32 applications through emulation. So it seems that ultimately a version of Windows RT will be versatile, thanks to ARM, especially if you add the phone connectivity options provided by the ARM chips.

Likewise, Microsoft could be counting on developers to occupy the Project Centennial introduced almost a year ago to turn their applications and games into UWP, thereby giving more vitality to the supposed platform.


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