Windows 10 Creators Update bets on mixed reality with Holograms

mixed reality

As it could not be otherwise, one of the current giants of software such as Microsoft, could not leave aside the gradual expansion that technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality, are taking along the latter months.

Everything indicates that this type of proposals, both software and hardware, will form an important part of the technology of the future, in both mobile and desktop environments. It is for this reason that during the last year and what we have carried out in 2017, new projects related to these technologies, in which many of the technological giants work, have not stopped, in order not to remain off-hook in this sense.

Well, one of these companies is Microsoft, taking advantage of the launch of the Creators Update for Windows 10 that will begin to reach the world from April 11. Microsoft wanted to make available to the general public an interesting proposal related to the world of mixed reality. It is expected that the Redmond firm itself will gradually launch this type of applications in order to meet the needs of the growing number of users of these technologies in full swing.

In Creators Update we can find a tool called Holograms that tries to take advantage of the benefits of mixed reality. Although at first it can be quite simple, it can serve the users to get an idea of what the company will offer in the coming months. This is a completely free and very simple to use tool through which we will have the possibility to select different 3D holograms from a gallery that the app itself implements and interacts with them.

Mixed Reality Windows 10

In this way we can change these holograms in the form of animals, characters or things within a virtual scenario that Holograms for Windows 10 presents us and where we can move them, spin them or modify some of their physical properties. It allows the use of voice commands for these holograms to be put into operation and to be able to act with them within this virtual environment.

At this time and a few days to the arrival of the Creators for Windows 10, we can not acquire a special device to make use of mixed reality, which would be most appropriate, but most likely after the release of this update, the situation will change soon.


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