Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is the official name for Redstone version 3.

windows 10 fall creators update

It’s the second day of conferences within the Build 2017 event of Microsoft and this time Redmond has introduced new features related to their Windows 10 operating system. Specifically, they have released the official name Redstone 3, the next major update or release that will arrive in the fall. In case we did not have enough mess of the names, this will be called Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Microsoft has released the definitive name of its next major update for Windows 10 that will come out in the fall. Following their new approach where they will launch two updates per year, which we will see taking part in a few months with the name of the one just released. A few weeks ago we were able to upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update and in a few months Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will arrive.

Microsoft has always used internal version names for each version of Windows and its different updates. This way, we had Threshold as the name for the first version of Windows 10, Threshold 2 for November Update, Redstone Anniversary Update, Redstone 2 or Creators Update and Redstone 3 or Fall Creators Update.

Windows 10 creators update

At the moment, we have no exact date or list of changes, although this version could mean the arrival of a new interface design and to create applications known as Fluent Design system. Somehow, it is a bit similar to what Google raised with Material Design at the level of adaptability to different devices and other similar things. Previously, we have known it as Project Neon.

In another order of things, the news will be focused on a better multi-device experience. Microsoft is working to keep up with what we are doing immediately when moving from one device to another, as well as an improved clipboard that could help share information between devices. Its OneDrive will allow greater control from the computer. Additionally, it will also be compatible with iOS and android.


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