Windows 10 S, the smartest Microsoft move

Windows 10S

As surely you have heard on many occasions over the last few hours, the software giant based in Redmond, Microsoft, held a major press conference in New York City. It was held to unveil several new related products with the signature itself, and obviously could not miss its flagship product, Windows 10.

There is no doubt that it is one of the great novelties as we could see in the mentioned presentation there was the arrival of the expected new version of the operating system, we refer to Windows 10 S, which up to that time was referred on the Internet as Windows 10 Cloud. One of the main objectives of this new version of the system is to be able to compete directly with the alternative of Google known as Chromebooks, Chrome OS. However, this “peculiar” review of Microsoft software is unlike any other because of the somewhat special features it has.

Windows 10 S, the strict limitations of this new operating system

The thing is that, this is going to be a much more closed operating system than the rest of versions, around everything that surrounds the applications, services and platforms of the own Microsoft. As we discussed before, Windows 10 S will force users, at least in principle, to make use of their own Internet search engine, Bing, as well as “invite” users to use their browser Edge, that is available in the official store, something that does not happen with others of the most widespread today such as Chrome or Firefox.

And it should be kept in mind that this new version focuses on the use of UWP applications, not being compatible with the usual Win32. These changes have not set very well with many users because it subtracts a good number of alternatives when using Windows. However, from the Redmond’s point of view, it was an almost obligatory step if it wanted to enhance, what they called the “Windows 10 Universe”.

Microsoft wants to boost the “Windows 10 Universe”

Since its launch, the company has wanted this operating system to encompass all types of devices, platforms, services and applications themselves working together and available to all users of the system. A project that to date has not had the expected results, due to among other things the alternatives of similar type of third parties. That’s why, with Windows 10 S, Microsoft makes sure that customers, including millions of students around the world, make use of their operating system, their own search engine, their mobile devices, their platforms in the Cloud, their office suite or their UWP applications that is available at the official store.

Windows 10 S

Of course many users see a lot of restrictions in this new Windows 10, but you also have to understand the position and goals of the Redmond Company, which has gradually been losing ground in some sections to another of the great sector, Google. That is why with this move, Microsoft wants to make “group” and that, as far as possible, have Windows 10 users focus on products and services of the same brand, all for their own benefit, of course.


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