Windows 10 will allow us to test apps before installing them

Windows 10 test apps

Microsoft also wants to provide developers with tools so that their apps and games capture users attention and their marketing strategies deliver the results they expect.

That’s why it has introduced a new dynamic in the ads that will allow users to test the games or apps before installing them.

They explain the differences brought by this new ad format in the schematic we see in the image.

While the traditional announcement gives us a few screens of the app or a short video of the game with an action call that directs us to the Store, the new format allows to interact up to 3 minutes without taking any extra action.

This allows us to decide whether we want the app or the game before installing or complicating by reading the descriptions that have been left the developers. And of course, this format called Playable Ads will allow developers to capture the interest of users and filter those who are not interested in the dynamics of your product.

We will not see this kind of ads yet, as the developers are previewing for the moment. Those who wish to take advantage of this new format, can go to this link and see all information aimed at developers.

At the moment it is under testing, but they invite to increase their capacity through promotions for the service. It is a preliminary version, but will soon reach, expand to other services, when the update reaches its public phase.


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