Windows 10 will notify you of the calls you receive on your Android

windows 10 android

As time goes by, it becomes increasingly clear that Microsoft is modifying its market strategy in regards to the mobility sector. The reason behind this is clearly that its system does not have the acceptance planned by the firm in the beginning, much less, is betting to be implementing its products and services in the platforms of the competition.

We say this because over the months we are seeing how the Redmond begin to actively collaborate on the two leading platforms in the current mobile market as are the proposals of Google and Apple with Android and iOS respectively. As you know, Microsoft is already working hard on the next big update of Windows 10 for this year, in which among other things, you have already seen some interesting developments related to the Control Center of the system.

On the other hand, in the build 16199 of Windows 10 that just saw the light, we find a new functionality that surely will be very interesting for many, especially for smartphone users who also constantly work with their PC. This functionality is that the new Windows patch integrates a notification system so we can see the calls received on the mobile terminal directly on our computer desktop.

We can receive call notifications on the Windows 10 desktop

This feature has been implemented by offering support for Android devices, something that has been talked about in the recently held developer conference. This way the software giant begins to carry out its first tests with the mentioned notifications of incoming calls, for the moment in the products based on Android. Thus, every time a user with the Google operating system receives a call, a notification appears on their desktop regarding the same.

Obviously, responding to this call is not possible, although it is not ruled out that this is a viable possibility in the future. In order to take advantage of all this and to be able to receive notifications from the phone, it is necessary to use the Redmond voice assistant on both devices the phone as well as the PC, by logging in to your account on both platforms so that they can be synchronized correctly.

At the moment all this is available and is in trial period for members of the Insider program of the firm. However, everything indicates that it will reach the Windows 10 desktops worldwide by the end of this year after the release of Fall Creators Update. At first this should work with any Android phone that has the Cortana wizard installed and running. However, the tests that will be carried out from now on will be able to reveal if there is any compatibility issue that needs to be solved.


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