Windows Developers Will Be Able To Use Universal Advertising Campaigns, Which Will Include MSN, Outlook and Skype

Developers of Windows applications can now they promote their products throughout the entire Microsoft ecosystem. According to Windows official blog, with the latest update of the “Promote your app” campaign, it will be possible to create universal campaigns that include premium sites such as, or Skype among other services.

Thanks to this, the applications promoted will have a greater reach, as these services and some Microsoft applications, such as Solitaire Collection are used every day by millions of people. In addition, users will be able to reach a campaign from several points of contact, with a mix-media model similar to that used by major brands, which can translate into significant reach.

All this will be based on machine learning algorithms to check the sites and the target audience that best fits the campaign. These algorithms will measure the effectiveness of each surface on which the ad is displayed and will adjust the target audience and the best locations. Once these parameters have been set during the first few days, the campaign will bring a higher conversion rate.

How to start with universal campaigns?

All campaigns that use auto-targeting will become universal campaigns by default. To use auto-targeting, developers must ensure that the Campaign Audience section is set to Automatic.

To create a universal campaign manually, in the Campaign Audience section, the developer has to set the Surface to Universal.

Marketing on Universal Advertising Campaigns will provide a boost to your product. With machine learning algorithms it can help you get the necessary installs for your application.


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