Windows Releasing a Cortana Beta Program For iOS


Cortana has become virtually the center of the entire Microsoft ecosystem. Even many have nicknamed Windows 10 as Cortana OS because of the importance of virtual assistant in the latest operating system of Redmond. For some time now, Cortana came to iOS and Android in an effort to attract fans on other platforms, but today we have the news of the arrival of a Beta version to the iPhone mobile operating system.

A few weeks ago Microsoft itself announced the launch of an Insider program for iOS Office suite applications and apparently with this same purpose, a beta version will also reach the iPhone and iPad in the United States and United Kingdom.

“We are launching a new beta program for Cortana on iOS and we want your feedback to help improve the product experience and shape the future of Cortana on mobile. It’s a limited beta for the US and UK, so we’ll have 1,000 users. If you are interested, simply fill in the form with your details and we will answer you as you enter the program.”

That was the message from the Redmond company to select future Cortana testers. You can fill out the survey in this link. We hope that in the future, the beta version is available all over the world for testing and finally a great virtual assistant becomes available to user on all the platforms.


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