With The Next WhatsApp Update Everyone in the Group Will Know Where You Are (If You Want)

whatsapp update

It seems that WhatsApp is trying some more functions in relation to the other members of the group know about our location, or more specifically about where we are. As it has just filtered, that the WhatsApp developers prepare a function that will let the members of the groups know about your location.

At the moment this has been captured in which it is seen that the app will use the GPS to indicate our location in real time, so that we can share it with the group or groups that interest us. An option that can be configured according to whether or not we want to show it and according to the time we want it to be available.

whatsapp update

What we see in this image is that this newness corresponds to versions of WhatsApp for iOS and 2.16.399+ of WhatsApp for Android, which means we would see this new function probably in the next update. What is also observed is that the function will show the location in real time (that is, if we move it will also appear here) and can be configured according to time intervals.

whatsapp update

At the moment as we said we will have to wait a little to have it, but if you are worried that it is another of the functions that may cause us more inconvenience than advantages over privacy issues, in this case apparently it is disabled by default. That is, we will have to activate it both for the first time as if we do it only for a few minutes, or permanently if we select it.


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