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Word Effects Messenger: Spice Up Your Chats | How-To Guide

Feeling bored with regular text messages?

Looking for a way to make your Messenger chats more exciting? Try using Word Effects!

These playful animations serve as the perfect solution to breathe life into your conversations, transforming them from plain text to engaging, animated chats that are sure to keep you fun and spicy.

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What are Word Effects in Messenger?

Word Effects in Messenger is a fun and engaging feature that lets users add animations to certain words or phrases in their conversations.

When you type a predetermined word or phrase, an emoji or animation will appear alongside it, bringing your chats to life. This makes messaging more interactive and enjoyable.

To use Word Effects, open a chat, tap on the chat name, then select ‘Word Effects’. You can choose a suggested phrase or type your own, then pick an emoji. When this word is typed into the conversation, the chosen emoji will animate.

How to Use Default Word Effects in Messenger

Using default Word Effects in Facebook Messenger is pretty straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open up the Facebook Messenger app on your device.
  2. Start a new conversation or open an existing chat with a friend.
  3. Type out one of the terms with a default effect attached to it. For example, you could type “happy birthday” or “congratulations”. As you type out these words, the app will underline them to indicate the use of Word Effects.
  4. Hit the send button. As you’ve written a phrase with a default Word Effect, the Messenger app will automatically play the associated animation. For instance, typing and sending “happy birthday” might launch an animation of a birthday cake and balloons.
  5. Your friend will now receive your message along with the fun animation. By using different terms that trigger Word Effects, you can create diverse and engaging chat experiences with your friends.

Different Types of Word Effects in Messenger

Different types of Word Effects in Facebook Messenger can spice up your chatting experience by animating the conversation with various emojis and effects. Here are some:

  1. Personalized Emoji Effects: You can assign specific emojis to certain words or phrases. When you type these words in a chat, the chosen emoji will appear as an animation.
  2. Suggested Word Effects: Messenger may offer suggestions for Word Effects based on common phrases or celebrations. These suggestions can be quickly added to your words or customized.
  3. Animated Effects: Some words trigger unique animations that go beyond emojis, offering a more dynamic expression linked to the typed word.

These Word Effects add a playful and expressive layer to a chat, making conversations more personalized and entertaining on Facebook.

How to Create Custom Word Effects

Here’s how you can create custom word effects in Messenger:

  1. Open Messenger App: Start by launching the Messenger app on your phone or device.
  2. Choose a Chat: From your list of chats, tap on the specific conversation you want to customize with Word Effects.
  3. Access Chat Settings: Tap the name of the chat at the top of your screen to open the conversation settings.
  4. Select Word Effects: In the settings menu, look for the “Word Effects” option and tap on it.
  5. Create Your Effect: In the text box provided, type a word or phrase that you would like to add an effect to. You can also select one of the suggested phrases above the text box if you prefer.
  6. Choose an Emoji: Tap the emoji icon to the left of your phrase. A menu will appear, allowing you to search for and select the emoji you want to animate when your chosen word or phrase is used in the chat.
  7. Save: Once you’ve selected your emoji, it will automatically save and pair with the word or phrase you’ve chosen.

How to Manage/Remove Word Effects

To manage or remove Word Effects in Messenger, follow these steps based on the detailed instructions provided in the Facebook Help Center:

  1. Open your Messenger app: Start by launching the Messenger app on your device.
  2. Access a chat: From your Chats, tap on a chat where you want to manage or remove Word Effects.
  3. Tap the chat’s name: At the top of your screen, tap the name of the chat to open chat settings.
  4. Select Word Effects: Within the chat settings, find and tap on “Word Effects”.
  5. Manage Word Effects:
    • To add a new Word Effect, type a word or phrase in the text box. You can also select a suggestion above the text box. Next, tap the emoji on the left of your word or phrase, and from the menu, search for or select the emoji you want to pair with the word or phrase.
    • To remove a Word Effect, find the word or phrase from the list you’ve added effects to and simply swipe left (on iOS) or hold down (on Android) on the word or effect you wish to remove and select the delete or remove option.

This process allows you to both add new custom word effects and manage (including removing) any that you no longer wish to have activated in your conversations.

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